SVP Aerospace attends the PAvCon exhibition held in Austria

After several years of waiting, PAvCon 2022 (Police Aviation Conference) has been held again. In this new edition, held in the Austrian city of Wiener Neustadt between June 6 and 8, we have been able to enjoy the latest technological developments related to the world of the aviation sector Airborne Technologies, Diamond Aircraft and Scheibel.

SVP Aerospace, has been present at the event where it has presented its new system designed for the aviation industry for the transmission of 4 video signals through a Down-Link link.

This system becomes the perfect complement to the new multisensor cameras to be able to send all the sensors to the ground at the same time, avoiding the selection of one image or another as was traditionally done until now. In addition, the new link also allows 4K signals to be sent to the new Ultra High Definition cameras, thus multiplying by four the quality offered in 1080p.

From SVP Aerospace we are very satisfied with the result achieved and we congratulate the organization of the event for the success of this new edition.

SVP Aerospace asiste a la exposición PAvCon celebrada en Austria