SVP Aerospace presents its latest innovations at Pavcon 2024

In the framework of the Pavcon 2024 congress, the company SVP Aerospace presented its latest technological innovations between May 27 and 29. The company’s exhibition captured the attention of attendees, who had the opportunity to see firsthand the advances in aeronautical technology that SVP Aerospace has developed.

One of the main attractions of the congress was the Diamond aircraft, equipped with a UHD camera and an SVP UHD link.

This advanced system allowed SVP Aerospace to conduct live demonstrations for customers, showcasing the ability to capture and transmit ultra-high-resolution images in real-time. Visitors were able to appreciate the quality and precision of SVP Aerospace’s technology, highlighting the importance of these innovations for both commercial and security applications.

Additionally, SVP Aerospace collaborated with the French company Safran, in transmitting video via an SVP microwave link from Safran’s new Euroflir. This integration allows real-time transmission of high-quality signals, significantly enhancing surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

The star team of SVP at this conference was the new video and data transmission system via microwaves and 4G (LTE). This system leverages the best of both technologies.

Microwave transmission is very reliable, stable, and has very low latency, remaining unaffected by large crowds at major events, while the 4G (LTE) link allows global operation using the public mobile phone network.