Implementation of SVP technologies to improve the service  that Babcock provides to its clients

Babcock, a leading company in security markets with 35 years’ experience in the aerial emergency services field. In Spain, Babcock run aerial emergency medical services (EMS), aerial search and rescue (SAR) and aerial firefighting operations. They flew 38,000 hours across these three aerial emergency services last year, delivering 10,600 EMS missions, 4,150 SAR missions and 1,100 firefighting missions.

Babcock implements SVP technology in its coordination helicopters to guarantee the transmission of images and videos, in real time, in its most emblematic activities of Civil Protection, Fire Extinction and Marine Rescue, which are carried out for its clients such as the Generalitat Valenciana, Government of Aragon Xunta de Galicia.

A commercial relationship that began in 2009 with SD Mpeg-2 transmission links to those that now are being used with HD H.264 technology. Babcock is a loyal user of diversity reception equipment used on its downlinks allowing it to cover large areas in 360º with easy installation and low maintenance.

In addition, thanks to DVB-T2 technology, key characteristic of SVP Aerospace products, they obtain the best results areas such as mountains or cities where line of sight conditions are not the best.

Babcock R&D integration and development engineer, Jose Salvador Herrero Sempere shares his experience with SVP Products:

“La solución de SVP para transmisión de vídeo por microondas en tiempo real nos permite ofrecer soluciones competitivas a nuestros clientes, sirviéndoles de apoyo en misiones críticas de extinción de incendios, donde el tiempo de reacción puede contribuir a salvar vidas y evitar desastres medioambientales. Destaca la calidad y robustez de los equipos, los cuales se ven sometidos a condiciones hostiles, como altas temperaturas y vibraciones. Además, su constante actualización de versiones de FW y SW hace posible trabajar con soluciones cloud de transmisión de vídeo en tiempo real

“SVP’s solution for real-time microwave video transmission allows us to offer competitive solutions to our customers, supporting them in critical fire fighting missions, where reaction time can help save lives and avoid environmental disasters. It stands out the quality and robustness of the equipment, which are subjected to hostile conditions, such as high temperatures and vibrations. In addition, its constant updating of FW and SW versions makes it possible to work with cloud solutions for streaming video in real time ”

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