Valencia´s Marathon, also known as Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso, is a 24,195 km foot race that takes place in Spain since 1981.

In its 2020 edition, which happened to be its 40th anniversary, the Kenyan Evans Chebet made first place with a mark of 2:03 hours, establishing the Valencia event as the third fastest Marathon in the world after Berlin and London.

But not only Evans took a great win home, SVP has also shone with an excellent coverage of the event.

With a deploy on the field of 3 motorcycles, a helicopter and an airplane repeating the signal, the race had massive following.

The goal, to give live coverage to an urban Marathon, was fully achieved with the use of radio-links via Airplane, and the uninterrupted tv signal was guaranteed at all times.

SVP´s advanced system positioned Valencia´s Marathon amongst the most prominent in the world scene, not only from a sports perspective, but also from a technical point of view, reason for which its 40th anniversary will surely be remembered.