MOAMULTIMEDIA Uses the most up-to-date technology in the market

Moamultimedia SRL, is a company with 14 years of experience in the audiovisual market.

Since 2013, it has been exclusively dedicated to constant progress and growth, both technologically and humanly, making first-rate Broadcast transmissions. They carry out the integral production, transmission and diffusion of sporting, cultural, institutional and government events.

For 5 years they has been responsible for the satellite links for the live broadcast of the Tour of San Juan with success in all of them.

Moamultimedia SRL incorporates innovations in training and technological structure, in order to provide a higher quality service, as required by their clients.

There is a multi-camera production service, a mini-mobile press, a redundant Up Link service and a digital microwave for a Brodcast camera.

The engineer MOHAMED ABDO shared his experience with SVP products:

‘Conocí los equipos SVP en la vuelta a San Juan 2018, de la mano del Ing. Javier Trifol, en los enlaces de señales de video y datos entre las motos, helicóptero y avión utilizados en la Vuelta a San Juan 2018.

El resultado de las transmisiones fue realmente un éxito por lo que la empresa decidió adquirir un enlace de microonda para cámara de la marca.

La elección de elegir ésta marca, entre otros fabricantes de microondas digitales, fue la gran variedad de opciones de rango de frecuencia como así también las salidas moduladas, salida en banda L y salidas ASI.

Gracias a dichas opciones de salida del transmisor, que puede usarse montado en cámara o como enlace punto a punto, también permite usarlo como encoder-modulador en cualquiera de nuestros up links, razón por la cual se decidió en elegir a SVP como partener en nuestra estructura técnica.’

‘I met the SVP products on San Juan 2018 cycling race, from the hand of Eng. Javier Trifol, he was using  video and data radio links between the motorcycles, helicopter and airplane used in the San Juan 2018 race.

The result of the transmissions was really a success, so the company decided to acquire a microwave link for the brand’s camera.

The choice of choosing this brand, among other digital microwave manufacturers, was the great variety of frequency range options as well as the modulated outputs, L-band output and ASI outputs.

Thanks to these transmitter output options, it can be used mounted on a camera or as a point-to-point link, it can also be used as an encoder-modulator in any of our up links, which is why it was decided to choose SVP as a partner in our technical structure. ‘