SVP will be present one more year at the Rally de Portugal providing Down-Link service from helicopter to ground for the organization

SVP Aerospace, a leading company in audiovisual transmission technology, continues for another year its outstanding presence at the Rally de Portugal by offering Down-Link services from helicopters to ground for the organization. This demonstrates the trust that the rally organization places in SVP Aerospace to provide a high-quality live broadcast to viewers around the world.

With SVP Aerospace’s experience in providing downlink solutions (Down-Link) from helicopters, Rally de Portugal will be able to capture spectacular images and transmit them in real time to spectators. This technology enables a direct and stable connection between the helicopter and the ground crew, ensuring that every exciting moment of the competition is transmitted in exceptional quality.

The Rally de Portugal, which will take place between May 11 and 14, 2023, is one of the most prominent and exciting motorsport events on the sports calendar, and having the services of SVP Aerospace for live broadcasting is an important step. to ensure an unparalleled viewing experience. Motorsport fans will be able to enjoy impressive aerial shots, real-time tracking and exciting moments of the competition thanks to SVP Aerospace products.