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Adjustable Bandpass Filters


SVP Aerospace can provide a broad range of RF and microwave band pass filters.

ABF bandpass filters are available for different frequency bands and of different bandwidths. Insertion losses are very low.

Bandpass filters are commonly used at the receiver site in order to delimit the band where the receiver will operate. These bandpass filters attenuate the signals out of the band and protect the down-converter from being saturated by nearby signals.






950 to 2,500 MHz 950 to 2,500 MHz 1,500 to 2,700 MHz
Bandwidth: 10 MHz 20 MHz 10 MHz
Insertion Loss:
C.F. < 0.89 dB (950 MHz) C.F. < 1.25 dB (2500 MHz) C.F. < 0.56 dB (950 MHz) C.F. < 0.75dB (2500 MHz)  < 1.4 dB @C.F.
Connectors: N Female
N Female
N Female
N Female
N Female
N Female
0.5Kg 0.5Kg 0.5Kg
Nº of poles:
4 4 4
Yes Yes Yes
161 x 33 x 60 mm 161 x 33 x 60 mm 161 x 33 x 60 mm
Temperature range
-5 to 55ºC -20 to 50ºC -5 to 45ºC

* For other frequency bands please contact: // Please specify the central frequency when placing the order.