ANTENNAS / Multisector

Multi-Sector Switch


The AMS is one of SVP Aerospace´s  multisector antennas. It´s a very compact, robust and easy-to-install solution for applications where hemispherical coverage with high gain is needed.

The AMS antenna is comprised of 5 sector panel antennas to offer an omnidirectional coverage. It also has an up antenna which allows hemispherical coverage.
The AMS antenna integrates the PIN diode switch. It has an N-female connector and a control connector which is controlled by the receiver with the autotracking option. At the N connector output it offers the RF signal.

This antenna has been designed to be used as transmitter or receiver in a wide variety of applications.


AMS Multi-Sector Switch Antenna

Frequency bands From 2,020 to 2,380 MHz
From 4,500 to 5,100 MHz
From 5,000 to 5,400 MHz
From 6,280 to 6,900 MHz
Gain Panel antenna: 16.5 dBi
Up-down antenna: 5 dBi
Elevation beamwidth
Azimuth beamwidth
75º (x5)
Polarization 5 Panel antennas: Vertical
1 Up antenna: RHCP
RF Connector N female
Control Connector Bayonet 8 pin male
P/N AMS-206-2024: 2,020 to 2,380 MHz
AMS-406-4551: 4,500 to 5,100 MHz
AMS-506-5054: 5,000 to 5,400 MHz
AMS-606-6369: 6,280 to 6,900 MHz