ANTENNAS / Parabolics

Offset Parabolic Antenna


SVP Aerospace´s offset reflector antenna system, comprised of a 0.74 m elliptical reflector with support metalwork and a selection of available feeds, is specially suitable for ENG vehicle as well as for Central Receiver applications.

The efficient elliptical design reflector features a rugged fiberglass construction with a metallized front surface. The feedarm metalwork is a bent-up and welded stainless steel structure with a white powder-coat paint finish.

A range of feedhorns is available – both single and dual band. There are also dual and quad polarity feedhorns, controllable from the HDT-70 transmitter through a polarity control connector located in the feeder. The available polarities are: vertical, horizontal for dual and vertical, horizontal, RHCP and LHCP for quad.

Note: Polarization of the APO-75 antenna can be changed in 2 GHz and 7 GHz bands, but in both bands at the same time.


APO-75 Antenna

Reflector Geometry Elliptical, offset geometry
Reflector Dimensions 29 inches (736 mm) width
20.5 inches (520 mm) height
Gains and Bandwidths 1.98 – 2.50 GHz:
Gain: 21 dBi
Bandwidth: 13º az / 18º el
2.3 – 2.7 GHz:
Gain: 22 dBi
Bandwidth: 11.5º az / 16º el
4.4 – 5.0 GHz:
Gain: 26.5 dBi
Bandwidth: 7º az / 8.51 el
6.4 – 7.2 GHz:
Gain: 29 dBi
Bandwidth: 4.5º az / 6º el
Return Loss 14 dB typ
Max. Power 10 W
RF Connectors N Female
Feeder Options Single band (1.98 – 2.50 GHz):
-Fixed polarization feed (to specify poln)
-Dual polarization feed (specify H/V or RHCP/LHCP)
Single band (6.4 – 7.2 GHz):
-Fixed polarization feed (to specify poln)
-Dual polarization options as above
Dual band (1.98 – 2.50 GHz / 6.4 – 7.2 GHz):
-Fixed polarization feed (to specify fixed poln.)
-Dual polarization feed
-Quad polarization feed

*For other frequency bands, please contact SVP: