ANTENNAS / Sector Flat Panel

Sector 2 GHz 15.5dBi


SVP Aerospace’s AS-215 antenna is a linear polarization sector antenna with 15.5 dBi gain. It’s especially useful in the receiver site to offer wide reception coverage.

It has a narrow beamwidth and wide coverage in azimuth. This avoids having to steer the receiver antenna towards the transmitter, as long as the transmitter is inside the coverage area.

Their wide azimuth beam makes them a good choice for diversity systems.


AS-215 Antenna

Frequency band 2.2 to 2.6 GHz
Bandwidth 400 MHz
Gain 15.5 dBi
Azimuth B/W @ -3dB 90º
Elevation B/W @ -3dB
Polarization Linear, Vertical
Front to back 17 dB
Return Loss Typ. 14 dB
VSWR <1.5
Connector N female
879 mm
73 mm
Radome material
Fibreglass tube
Stainless steel bracket at base
Black (or White under request)

*For other frequency bands please contact with SVP: