ANTENNAS / Omnidirectional linear

Omni Ant. 2GHz


The co-linear AV-205, AV-208 and AV-210 antennas are used in applications which require 360 º coverage in azimuth.

These antennas are commonly used to transmit signals from transmitters that are in motion, when the distance to cover is not very long. For example in transmission in city coverage systems,  when it´s not necessary to point towards the receptor.


AV-205, AV-208 & AV-210 Antennas

Frequency band 2GHz*
Bandwidth AV-205: 200 MHz
AV-208: 200 MHz
AV-210: 100 MHz
Gain AV-205: 5 dBi
AV-208: 8 dBi
AV-210: 10 dBi
Polarization Vertical
VSWR AV-205: Typ:<1.8 AV-208: Typ:<1.8 AV-210: Typ:<1.8
Connector N female
Length AV-205: 550 mm
AV-208: 1,000 mm
AV-210: 1,150 mm
Weight AV-205: 400 gr
AV-208: 800 gr
AV-210: 900 gr

* For other frequency bands, please contact with SVP: