ANTENNAS / Omnidirectional linear

Omni Linear 3.5 dBi

AVS Airborne Antenna

SVP Aerospace AVS vertically polarized omni antennas are designed for applications requiring extra strength, particularly for vehicle roof applications (to withstand tree branch impacts) and for fixed-wing aircraft installations (to withstand higher wind speeds than in a helicopter operation).

These antenna serve as a complement to SVP’s slimline omni antenna range, similarly featuring highly efficient, wideband groundplane independent 2 tier arrays of balanced centre-fed collinear dipoles.

High performance with consistent gain and radiation pattern across their wide operating bands results from a unique conical dipole and double isolating choke design preventing stray currents on the feed system.


AVS Omni Linear Antenna

Frequency 1,625 – 2,110 MHz
1,900 – 2,500 MHz
Gain 3.5 dBi
Elevation -3dB B/W 40 degrees
Azimuth -3dB B/W 360 degrees (omni, no ripple)
Polarization Vertical
Maximum VSWR 2:1 Ratio
Diameter     20.62 mm
212.85 mm (1,625 – 2,110 MHz)
181.10 mm (1,900 – 2,500 MHz)
Weight 165 gr (1,625 – 2,110 MHz)
170 gr (1,900 – 2,500 MHz)
Color Flat Black
Connector N female
Radome Fibreglass
Mount Flange Mount

* For other frequency bands, please contact with SVP: