Bidirectional Camera Control System

Complete Wireless Camera Control System

SVP Aerospace’s new bidirectional camera control consists of three pieces of equipment: CC-IDU, CC-ODU and CC-Camera.

The Camera Control Indoor Unit (CC-IDU) is designed to control up to 4 cameras, with the option for full Ethernet control, integrating into an existing OCP network.

The Control Outdoor Unit (CC-ODU) is a 1-watt UHF transmitter used with the CC-IDU and CC-Camera. It wirelessly connects the CC-Cameras. You will need as many CC-ODUs as cameras you want to remotely control. Each camera would have its own UHF channel.

The CC-Camera is a compact and lightweight camera control, perfect for camera operations in any situation. It connects with a single cable to the camera, and red and green tally.

Thanks to the bidirectionality of the camera control, all its functions are operative by the user.

All systems are compatible with all main camera manufacturers including Panasonic and Sony.



Frequency 403-473MHz
Bandwidth 25 KHz
RF Power 100mW /500mW/1 Watt
RX Sensitivity -111dBm
Data to RCP 4 connectors Serial

Ethernet + PoE

Data to ODU RS485

Optical SFP Fiber

Ethernet + PoE

Available cameras Sony


Power Input 9 to 36 V DC via XLR-4 connector
Power Output PoE via RCP Ethernet connector

PoE via ODU Ethernet connector

Connectors DC Power Supply : XLR-4 male

ODU RS-485: XLR female

ODU Ethernet + PoE: RJ-45

ODU Optical Fiber: SFP

RCP Ethernet + PoE: RJ-45

Tally: DB-9 male

RCP Serial: 4 x Hirose 8 pin (Sony)

Dimensions W 210mm x D 144mm x H 43mm
Weight 850gr


Power 9 to 36 V DC via XLR-4 connector

PoE via Ethernet connector

Connectors D.C. power supply: XLR-4 male

Ethernet with PoE: RJ-45

Fiber Optic: SFP module

RS-485 Data: XLR-3 male

Antenna: 2 x TNC female

RF Out 109mW/500mW/1 Watt
Frequency 403-473MHz
Bandwidth 25 KHz
Data Input RS485 via XLR-3 male

Via optical fiber with SFP

Via Ethernet IP with PoE

RX Sensitivity -111dBm
Dimensions W 137mm x D 112mm x H 50mm
Weight 590gr


Power 9 to 36v supplied through Hirosi connector
Connectors Camera Remote: Hirosi 8 pins
Ethernet: RJ-45
Tally Outputs + Microphone + Headphones: Lemo 0B 7 pins
Antenna: 2 x TNC Female
Frequency 403-473MHz
Bandwidth 25 KHz
Camera Data
RS485 or RS232
RX Sensitivity -111dBm
Dimensions W 96mm x D 26mm x H 61mm
Weight 160gr