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GPS receiver


Our satellite receiver is a compact and easy solution to send the transmitter´s position. It proves very useful to know the position of  helicopters, motorcycles, mobile units, wireless cameras, etc.

The received GPS data allows the receiver to know the position, distance, etc, of the transmitter, controlling the multisector antenna based on this GPS position, as well as controlling the QPT pan-tilt positioner with an offset antenna towards the transmitter.

It has direct connection to SVP equipment. The HDT-02, HDT-04 and the HDT-70 units have a specific connector for this GPS antenna. It can also be connected to an HDR-108 receiver (the receiver must also know its own position to perform autotracking).

The transmitter is responsible for the power supply of the GPS. Also it’s the transmitter that receives the data from the GPS. The connection to the transmitter is made with a Lemo 6 connector and the connection to the receiver with a DB-9.

In the receiver, the data is obtained through a serial connector DB-9. This allows a direct connection to the PC where the position can be displayed using Google – Earth or a similar software.


Power Supply +5 V (provided by the transmitter) Connector SVP Transmitter: Lemo 6 pins (P/N: GPS-01)

SVP Receiver: DB-9 (P/N: GPS-02)

Dimension L: 47 mm, W: 38 mm, H: 16 mm Weight
without cable
70 g
Receiving frequency 1,575.42 MHz Enclosure Highly impact; corrosion-proof
Mounting Magnetic base Construction Ultrasonic welded, fully waterproof
Temperature operating 10ºC to +70ºC Built in antenna Highly-reliable ceramic patch
Sensibility -158 dBm SBAS 1 channel (Waas, Egnos, Msas)
Start-up time 1 sec typical (hot start)
35 sec typical (warm start)
41 sec typical (cold start)
Update rate 1 Hz
Baud rate 4,800 bps Protocol NMEA V3.01
Signal level RS-232 Power consumption 50 mA
Position accuracy 3.3 m  Cable length  5 meters