Up to 100 Mb IP Link


The equipment IP-LINK configuration is a highly configurable and scalable solution for bidirectional point-to-point IP microwave radio links. This IP Radio Link is available in all frequency bands from 6 to 42 GHz with a capacity of up to 100 Mbps each way.

IP-LINK is based on a split-mount architecture which consists of a flexible IDU (Indoor Unit), and a software programmable radio ODU (Outdoor Unit). It has an extremely compact IDU which requires minimum space and can be installed almost anywhere.

This new and versatile transceiver is compatible with all low-speed to high-speed applications, as well as with LTE and WiMAX mobile systems. It can be used in utilities applications, digital TV systems and Internet medium-speed and high-speed networks.

It offers double throughput, range and reliability as well as enhanced availability. The system provides net throughput of up to 100 Mbps in each direction.

Several modulation schemes from QPSK to 256QAM or hitless AMR, are available according to channel bandwidth and bitrates.

• Bidirectional transmission
• QPSK to 256QAM adaptive modulation
• Carrier class Layer 2 switch function
• Quick installation
• Easy maintenance
• Antenna direct mount
• Low power consumption
• AC Power Supplies included
• High reliability


Frequency bands From 6 to 42 GHz (In different bands) Net throughput IP-LINK_20: 20 Mbps

IP-LINK_50: 50 Mbps

IP-LINK_100: 100 Mbps

Modulation QPSK to 256QAM AMR Modulation range Hitless AMR
Channel separation 7/14/28/56 MHz (ETSI) Interfaces 2xFE or GbE and 2xSFP

IF cable: ODU N type, IDU TNC type

QoS 4/8 classes strict priority / DWRR queues (CoS, DSCP, VLAN ID, MPLS EXP)

WRED, Policing, Hierarchical shaping (port and class)

Synchronization Synchronous Ethernet (ITU-T G.8261/8262)
Radio Configuration 1+0 Antenna 0.6 to 1.2 m diameter parabolic
Ambient Temperature ODU: -33 ºC to +50 ºC

IDU: -5 to +50ºC

Power Line Voltage -48 VDC (-40.5 to -57 VDC)
Power consumption IDU: 25 W typ

ODU: 23W typ (13 – 42 GHz) / 30 W typ (6 – 11 GHz)

Size IDU: 200 x 41.6 x 230 mm

ODU: 239 x 247 x 68 mm (13 – 42 GHz) / 237 x 237 x 101 mm (6 – 11 GHz)

Weight IDU: approx. 2 kg

ODU: approx. 3 kg (13 – 42 GHz) / approx. 3.5 kg (6 – 11 GHz)