The NSS (Network Stream Selector) system provides real-time video streaming from multiple RF reception points to a central location. The system is perfect for organizations that require reliable and high-quality video transmission selection from remote locations to a single reception point.

The SVP Receivers have the capability to send the Transport-Stream over IP, the NSS analyzes the different real-time videos to select the best one at any given moment in time. This selection is based on the analysis of video quality and stability. The best video is then sent through UDP, RTP, SRT or RTSP to the designated destination IP:PORT.

The system’s web server provides a user-friendly interface, allowing for easy configuration and management. The users can select the input ports from will receive the TS videos automatically or manually and specify the destination to send the best video.

With its compact design and robust components based in FPGA the NSS system is designed to provide reliable and high-quality video streaming for years to come for HD, UHD video transmissions.

The system is equipped with a RJ45, capable of supporting up to 1Gb.

The system supports up to 25 video inputs and is compatible with both UDP, RTP and SRT protocols.

The NSS supports all video codecs and formats supported by other SVP devices, including H265, H264, MPEG-2, and all video formats. In addition to video, the NSS also transmits audio, GPS and KLV Metadata and any other data within the Transport-Stream frame.

The output streaming could be configurated as a video server in RTSP Protocol to send this signal to a mobile phone or a Milestone or similar.



– Number of Inputs: 25
– Number of Outputs: 3
– Connector: 1 x RJ45
– Power AC Dual Conector: from 100 to 240V AC
– Power Supply: Redundant
– Dimensions:
1 RU rack size
– Weight:
– Temperature Range: -20º to +55º