KBS Outside Broadcasting (South Korea)

«KBS, (Korean Broadcasting System), is a user of SVP aerospace wireless camera systems and uses 5 number of systems in our sports operation – Marathon, Golf, Baseball game and other events.

The equipment is high quality and leading edge technology featuring DVB T2, H.264 and HEVC encoders with low end to end latency.
The performance is the best we have ever used, especially RF performance.

We are using SVP in preference to others and are happy to continue to do so.»

JTM Broadcast (Spain)

«In our company we use SVP microwave systems in the most demanding sporting events.

It is noteworthy the robustness of the DVB-T2 modulation and the ultra lowdelay required in football matches, mountain races, and cycling races.

We will continue to rely on the new SVP systems.

Yours faithfully.»

Fix View (Argentina)

«Our clients have expressed their great satisfaction with the robustness of the video link we offer.

In a recent police operation, we successfully established a digital video link from a helicopter to the ground, covering a distance of 160 km.

This achievement is an example of the quality and reliability of the solutions we provide as representatives of SVP Microwave.»