SVP AEROSPACE, world leader in line-of-sight microwave transmission, has developed the ideal complement to expand the coverage of its transmissions: NLOS system based on cellular bonding.

Now the best of both worlds can be used at the same time: Microwave link for line-of-sight coverage with all sales of SVP Aerospace’s leading technology, and transmission from anywhere with cellular technology.

Linked cellular technology aggregates bandwidth from multiple connections.
For critical communications, carrier diversity is essential.


  • Microwave solution- Allows excellent video and data transmission with highest robustness and low latency but requires line of sight between the transmitter and receiver site. It is essencial for big demonstrations or sport concentrations in big cities.
  • Satellite solution – These on-board solutions are usually bulky and heavy, and the cost of operation is much higher. Though they do not require direct line of sight, they do require open skies above them and have low redundancy.
  • Single cellular solution – Bandwidth is too low and there is no redundancy between links and therefore is not reliable enough.
  • Multicellular SIMs – Gives a level of redundancy but with drops of signal in big cities and high  concentration of people due the saturation of the public networks
  • Cellular Datalink + Microwave solution – Offers full redundancy with Microwave and 4x cellular, high bandwidth, low latency, data security, to a bonded link. Global coverage and security in local events with high concentration of people.


  • High Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Range
  • Low Latency
  • Full Security
  • Optimal failover Protection


  • 4G/LTE or 4G/LTE + 5G
  • Connector: Upper or lateral part of the antenna.

SVP AEROSPACE: When completion of your mission relies on sturdy, secure, & continuous connectivity.
Combine multiple LTE & 5G cellular communications and Microwave technologies to one secure pipeline in a bonded link for a continuous, robust connectivity for optimal transmission of your unmanned systems. Take full control of prioritizing the qualityof-service (QOS) of your video stream, telemetry or command & control data.



KLV Metadata
Powered by PoE (active and passive)
Power supply range: 9 to 36V
Ethernet 10/100Mb


Gore Pressure valve
Compatible with Airfilm Camera Systems DT-1-1
Integration of cellular communications (3G/LTE/5G) with Microwave Link
Real-time network prediction
3D reception coverage mapping for route planning
Cybersecurity enclosed:
– Data security package splitting mechanism.
– Encryption up to AES-256-CBC.